Startling Revelations Of The Way Divorce Affects Family Pets, Seniors And Toddlers

Anyone thinking about, going through or having gone through a divorce knows breakups are hard. The emotional toll on the former couple is immense. Couples should also think of how the split affects these unlikely members of their family. Learn about the effect that divorce can have on others besides the two breaking up:

Effect of Divorce on Family Pets

Pets are part of the family. Americans, in particular, love their dogs and cats. When a marriage begins to dissolve, these pets can suffer from the stress in the home environment.

Some say animals are more in tune with feelings than are people and can sense the trouble brewing in the air. They can feel helpless to solve the problem in the household. This unease can result in a high state of anxiety for the pet.

Divorce settlements usually result in pets having to live permanently with one of their owners. This loss of a loved one can be traumatic for the animal. People should remember that the pet had no say in the decision to divorce.

Effect of Divorce on Grandparents

Seniors feel pain during divorces as well. Parents want the best for their offspring. A happy marriage is a sign of a strong loving family. From this mindset, a divorce is an indicator of weakness in the bloodline.

Grandparents also fear the loss of the friendship of a son or daughter-in-law. When children marry, they bring a new person into the family. The best grandparents welcome the new addition with open arms. Then, suddenly, that family member is no longer around. All the time spent cultivating a relationship can seem wasted.

Last, most grandparents have a deep, emotional tie to their grand kids. Divorces can mean less time with the kids, especially if they must leave town with one of the separated parents.

Effect of Divorce on Young Children

Some people may believe that the young are immune to marriage problems because they do not possess the ability to understand fully the implications of the situation. This thinking is not true.

Young children can sense the stress in the home during a divorce. They may begin to worry that one of their parents will leave them.

Things are worse for toddlers who cannot communicate their feelings verbally. They can experience frustration and helplessness in the face of the adversity in the household.

Getting Help to Make Things Easier on Pets, Grandparents and Young Children

It is important that anyone involved in a difficult marriage contact both a family counselor and divorce attorney. These experts will provide advice on how to design a divorce settlement or separation that can help mitigate the negative effects on the above groups. The two people undergoing the divorce are not the only ones suffering.

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