4 Ways An Employment Attorney Can Help You

The challenges of getting along with your employer daily can be many. It's not easy to always see things eye-to-eye with your boss, and if you run into a major issue, you may need to rely on the expertise of an employment attorney. Knowing the ways this legal professional can assist you are sure to come in handy when facing difficulties on the job.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment

If you've been approached by a co-worker or employer that is making sexual advances on you, you may feel uncomfortable. It's illegal to be sexually harassed while at work, and if you're faced with some of the situations listed below, you may want to seek legal advice:

  1. Being inappropriately touched while on the job by another individual
  2. Receiving emails with sexually explicit language against your will.
  3. If another person at work shows you pornography when you didn't agree to see it.

Employment Contract Being Breached

Typically, when you're hired for a job, you may be asked to sign a contract with your employer. This will usually state what your job responsibilities are and the amount of pay you will receive for your services. Additionally, there may also be an amount of time that you agree to work for your boss. If any of the items on the contract are not followed by your employer, you may need to obtain legal advice.

Being Fired from Your Job

If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated from your position, you can fight back. In order to be legally fired in most jurisdictions, you must have failed to comply with your job responsibilities. However, if you think you completed every task that was necessary, and you were wrongfully terminated, you may have a strong case against your employer.

Failure to Receive Overtime Pay

You are usually required to work 40 hours per week to be considered a full-time employee. Any time over this amount should be calculated at a higher rate, and you should be paid more by your employer. If you fail to receive overtime pay, you can file a legal complaint against your employer.

Dealing with work related issues can be challenging because of many of the legal requirements you may not be fully aware of. Be sure to schedule an appointment with an employment attorney who will work to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the expert legal advice you may need.