3 Things You Need To Know When Fighting A Custody Battle

Every divorce is going to be stressful in some way. Even if it is the best thing for your marriage and relationship it still is going to be emotional and tiring. One of the biggest stressors is fighting a custody battle. When children are involved in the divorce it can raise the stakes for both spouses. It is important that you protect yourself if you are fighting a custody battle. Here are some things you need to know.

1. Keep A Steady Job

When a judge looks at the factors of if you are fit to be the primary guardian of the child they are going to see if you can meet the physical and financial of the child. You must be sure that you have a job and sufficient income to support them. You may receive child support and alimony, which will help, but they need to see that you can care for your child's needs and provide a stable home.

This comes from having a stable job and housing. If you are struggling to find a good job, consider going back to school, or changing careers. Finding a good job will help your case.

2. Don't Get In Trouble With The Law

Another important part of the custody process is determining if you are fit to be a parent emotionally and if you are responsible enough. One way they determine this is they look at your criminal record. If you have had a problem with drug possession, domestic abuse or assault, or even a DUI it could severely hurt your chances of getting custody of your children.

If you already have had a run in with the law, talk to a lawyer about your options. It is important to get these offenses cleared up before you try to fight a custody battle.

3. Don't Abandon Your Children

During the divorce you might be fighting a lot with your spouse. This might cause you to leave for a time. When you leave you need to take the children with you, or stay close so that you can see them and still be a part of their lives. If it looks like you abandoned your children you will have a harder time getting custody. By leaving you are sending a message that you don't believe that their day to day care is your responsibility. This is why you should stay with the children and try not to leave until the divorce is final.

These are just a couple things that you can do to increase your chances of getting custody.