3 Things To Know About Elder Abuse

One of the saddest types of abuse you may hear about is elder abuse. This typically occurs in nursing home facilities and should be stopped as soon as it's spotted. If you know an individual that is confined to a nursing home, you will want to be sure to keep an eye on this person. Being able to find this abuse and work to prevent it is ideal. By knowing some specific things about elder abuse, you can have the tools you need to prevent this from continuing.

Abuse types

There are six categories of this abuse, and any or all of these could occur to an individual. It's important to keep a close eye on any person you love and know in a nursing home to look for any of the abuse below:

  • Physical – When bodily harm is intentionally done to a patient.
  • Emotional – If the mentality of an individual is tormented in various ways.
  • Sexual – Violating a person sexually at any time.
  • Financial – Stealing money or other assets.
  • Abandonment – Leaving a patient alone for too long at various intervals during the day.
  • Neglect – Failure to respond to the needs of a patient.

Causes of elder abuse

One of the main reasons that this unfortunate type of abuse does occur is due to hiring the wrong caregivers. This is typically the fault of the nursing facility but is also caused by the individual that is applying for the job being fraudulent.

Additionally, the quality of the facility will play a large role in if elderly abuse will occur. Be sure to check references on any nursing home before having your loved one committed there.

Reporting abuse

You should contact the right individuals to report abuse. It's in your best interest to avoid talking with the nursing home facility management until this has been officially reported.

Listed below are professionals who you should contact if this happens to your loved one:

  • Adult Protective Services
  • Police
  • Medical provider
  • Attorney

Taking the time to monitor carefully your loved one living in a facility of this type is your best line of defense. This will enable you to spot the warning signs as soon as possible and may prevent significant damage from happening. Be sure to speak with a personal injury attorney in your area, such as Dunbar & Dunbar, that can assist you in the legal actions you should take if you elderly abuse is found.