How A Palimony Lawyer Can Assist After A Breakup

Did your partner refuse to pay you palimony payments after the relationship ended? Whether you are entitled to receiving palimony payments or not will depend on the specific conditions and length of the relationship. The palimony laws in your state will also play a role in what you are entitled to receive. The best way to settle the dispute is with the help of a lawyer. Take a look at this article to learn more about the process of legally obtaining palimony payments.

1. Consult About Your Relationship

You will be asked a few personal questions about the type of relationship that you shared with your partner. For instance, the lawyer will want to know if the relationship was open or monogamous. You will also be asked how the relationship ended up in a bad condition, such as if an affair played a role in it ending. You must discuss the length of time that you have known the other party, as well as how much of that time was spent habituating together as a couple.

2. Discuss Your Financial Needs

If the lawyer feels as though you have a legitimate reason for requesting palimony, he or she will move forward with determining your financial needs. You can include daily living expenses such as paying rent, groceries, and utility bills. The amount of money that you are able to request will depend on the extent of dependence that you had on your partner. The quality of lifestyle that you were accustomed to living will also be factored into the equation.

3. Gather Up the Necessary Evidence

Evidence is the main thing that is needed to come out successful in your palimony case. If there was an actual agreement signed with palimony terms, make sure the document is handed to your lawyer. A verbal agreement can be helpful as well, but you will need evidence, such as if someone witnessed the agreement. The lawyer might also investigate you to obtain evidence that proves you have not had your own income in a long time.

4. File a Palimony Petition with the Court

The final step to helping you obtain palimony will be for the lawyer to file a petition with the court. He or she will prepare you for what to expect throughout the court process. The lawyer will do most or all of the talking to the judge. Speak to a palimony lawyer from a law firm like The Law Office of Cary W. Goldstein, Esq., PC to learn what your rights are.