3 Tips for Marketing Your Invention to Others

As someone who has invented a product and wants to see it across the country in use by a lot of people, you are likely to already be thinking about different ways of marketing your product to someone who will buy it and help you produce it. However, as an inventor who may not know much about marketing, you'll need these tips to market your invention well.

Secure Your Patent

You might think that once you've got a major company interested in your work, they will help you get the patent you need for your invention and that you can move forward from there. While that is not untrue, it's generally better to secure your patent before courting companies and others because it puts you several steps ahead of the competition.

By having a patent in hand, you can prove to them that you're the inventor of a product who will not run into costly patent issues and possible violations in the future. Not only that, but by having a patent you protect yourself against others who may take advantage and develop a product of their own. Talk to a patent attorney about your options so you're sure to do the right thing.

Talk with Investors

Companies aren't the only entities that can help you with your goal of having your invention produced and sold. Seeking out investors can also be a good idea. They may introduce you to their own contacts who can invest in marketing and selling your product so that you can get it seen and bought by retailers.

Send Out Press Releases

You may already know that large stores and corporations send out press releases when they're rolling out a new product. Doing the same for your invention can be a great way to get attention. Write up a short press release about your invention, how it will help people in your target market and a little bit about yourself and your experience and background. Send the document to local newspapers, magazines, and journals in your industry. If you don't feel comfortable writing the press release yourself, you can hire a writer to do the job for you. You can send out releases periodically to keep your name and invention in front of different audiences.

With these tips, marketing your invention to others can be more successful. Take the time to ask others in your industry about how you might best catch the eye of influencers who may be interested in what you have to offer. Learn more about the process by contacting services like Lingbeck Law Office.