What Should You Do If A Guest Gets Hurt On Your Property?

Opening the door to your home for visiting friends and relatives is always a nice gesture, whether it is just for hanging out or for a special holiday or occasion. However, when you are a property owner, you do have to be really careful that you are providing a safe place for guests to be. If something happens and one of your guests is injured in your home, in your yard, or anywhere else on your property, it can be a huge headache.

The person injured will likely want to file a claim against your insurance company, and if the insurance company resists, the individual could file a personal injury claim. Here are a few things you should know as a property owner when someone gets injured on your property. 

Don't let your personal feelings get in the way of the situation. 

It can feel a little like your guest is going up against you if they get injured on your property, and then they file a claim against your insurance provider, but this really is not a personal attack. The individual injured has a right to have their medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages covered because they've done nothing to get injured. While it can be hard, do what you can to keep personal feelings about the situation out of the equation. With the right mindset, you and your acquaintance can move through the legal process without compromising the relationship you have. 

You will likely have to provide a statement about what happened to their attorneys. 

Even though the individual who was hurt will technically be going after your insurance provider, if they refuse to pay for their medical bills and expenses, it does not mean you will not be involved. Your testimony will be important to both sides of the legal situation; your insurer and the guest who was injured. If you are asked for a statement, make sure you are forthcoming with everything about the incident. 

If the personal injury claim against your insurer is unsuccessful, you could be sued. 

The first route for someone injured to take is to try and get the money to cover their losses through the responsible insurance company. However, if the personal injury claim against your homeowner's insurance provider is unsuccessful, the individual may come after you. Do what you can to ensure the situation does not come to a lawsuit by being forthcoming with information during the original claim.

For more information, contact your preferred personal injury attorney