Should You Appeal A Social Security Disability Claim Denial?

When your application for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, your first impulse may be to appeal the decision, particularly if the reason for the rejection is unfair or due to an error. However, sometimes instigating an appeal is not the best idea. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding whether to challenge your denial.

Do You Have the Resources to See the Process Through?

Appealing an application denial requires quite a bit of time, energy, and even money. In addition to filling out the paperwork, researching applicable rules and policies, and gathering records, you may be required to talk to and/or attend appointments with case workers, doctors, and other professionals to obtain what you need to get through the appeals process. Even with all the information available online, you may also still need a lawyer's help cutting through the red tape and roadblocks you're likely to encounter along the way.

Although you may feel justified in appealing the Social Security Administration's decision, you need to make sure you have the personal and financial resources to go the distance; otherwise, you may have to stop your quest early and end up with nothing to show for all your efforts. Sit down with someone you trust to help you evaluate your situation and come to a decision that's right for your situation.

How Easily Can the Reasoning Be Contested?

Another thing to consider is how easy or difficult it will be to contest the reasoning behind your denial. Some denials are the result of missing paperwork, inaccurate information, or missed deadlines, all of which can be somewhat easily rectified. However, other denials are the result of factors that would require quite a bit of counter evidence to overcome.

For instance, the SSA may decline your application stating your disability is the result of substance abuse, which is not covered by the program. You may have to undergo evaluations and obtain statements from medical professionals showing your consumption of drugs or alcohol had little to no effect on your condition.

The more difficult it is to contest the reason, the more time and effort it will require to get through the appeals process, and some reasons are impossible to overcome. If you're not sure how easily an SSA decision can be challenged or whether it can be at all, consult an attorney for help evaluating your odds.

For more information about filing for Social Security disability benefits or help with an appeal, contact a social security lawyer.