Three Personal Situations That Can Complicate A Workers' Compensation Claim At Work

Employers in the United States are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance if they have a certain number of employees. In the event an employee gets hurt on the job, this insurance is designed to protect the employer from being sued for liability. As simplistic as that sounds, filing a workers' compensation claim is not always a straightforward process, and the insurance companies that provide this service often become combative about paying employees what they deserve. This is especially true when an employee has certain personal circumstances. Here is a look at some of the personal situations that can cause complications during your workers' compensation claim that may require you to work with an attorney. 

Your claim may be complicated if you are pregnant when you get hurt on the job.

If you are pregnant, your employer must work to make sure they provide you a safe working environment throughout your pregnancy. Unfortunately, if you do end up getting hurt while you are pregnant, it can complicate your workers' compensation claim a little more than usual. There are essentially two lives at risk instead of one during severe workplace injuries. Plus, just the fact that you are pregnant can mean that you will need more time off of work to recuperate if you are injured. It is not uncommon, for workers' comp providers to balk at the idea of compensating a pregnant woman fairly.

Your claim may be complicated if you had a pre-existing injury when you got hurt.

When you apply for a job, one of the common things you may be asked on a job application is if you have any existing physical injuries. In the event you get hurt, your employer can reference this information to determine if they are indeed liable for your injuries. For instance, if you have problems due to a broken leg you sustained in the past, and then you hurt that same leg on the job, your employer can claim that your injuries are not their responsibility to cover.

Your workers' compensation claim may be complicated if you are falling due to a psychological injury.

Even though the majority of injuries that take place on the job are physical, there can be emotional or psychological injuries as well. These types of claims are not as common, and they are also more likely to not be taken seriously by either your employer or the workers' comp insurance company. For instance, if you have suffered some type of psychological trauma and it has caused you to experience post-traumatic stress on the job, this may be something that is harder to get approved for coverage.