What You Should Do If Your Child Is Hit By A Car

Pedestrian accidents happen every day, but hearing that your child was injured after getting hit by a car can be especially frightening. Whether you were present at the scene of the accident or not, there are some steps you need to take to ensure that your child is cared for and receives the compensation they deserve.

If your child was a pedestrian hit by a vehicle, whether your child was on foot or using a tool like a skateboard, here's what you need to know.

Get Medical Treatment Immediately

Even if your child expresses that they feel fine after an accident, medical treatment is a must. Your child could have something wrong that they cannot feel with the rush of adrenaline in their body at the moment.

There is another reason for this, too. You will need medical bills and records as part of a personal injury case. You will need to prove the damages you are pursuing in court.

Get Information From Witnesses

This step can be trickier if you were not at the scene of the accident, but it is still important. If you are able to talk to your child on the phone immediately after the accident, instruct them or others present to take photos and collect contact information from those who witnessed the event.

Don't Apologize or Take Responsibility

This is an important step for your child to take as well, as it could impact the case. If you talk to your child while they are at the scene, instruct them not to apologize or take responsibility for the accident in any way. This could damage a legal case.

Consider a Personal Injury Claim on Your Child's Behalf

Your child may not be able to pursue a personal injury claim on their own, but as a parent, you can do so on their behalf. A personal injury claim can cover your child's medical bills and any ongoing disabilities they may face as a result of the accident.

A lawyer will help you accomplish this task. If your child is injured, finding a lawyer should be the very next task after ensuring they are safe.

Meet With Your Personal Injury Lawyer First

Do not speak with anybody about your case until you meet with a personal injury lawyer. Speaking to somebody else could jeopardize your case, and it could even prevent you from being able to collect the money necessary to pay your child's medical bills.

Contact a local personal injury lawyer to learn more.