4 Ways To Document Your Personal Injury After An Accident

One of the struggles you'll have in a personal injury case is proving how the injury happened and the extent of your injuries. Here are some tips on the various ways that you can document your personal injury, which include documentation to prove who is at fault.

Medical Records

You'll want to prove that the injury you sustained actually resulted as part of the accident. That's why it is recommended to seek medical help immediately so that it can be documented. If you have a long gap between the accident and your treatment, it can be argued that the injury happened elsewhere and you are simply blaming it on the accident. 

Medical records are also going to help prove the extent of your injury. There will be no reason to simply take your word for it when you can have a doctor state how serious the injury is and what your recovery time looks like. All your medical records can be requested at any time to ensure that you have what you need as the case evolves.

Police Reports

It's important to have a police report in any type of accident case that led to an injury. While this often happens in car accidents when the police show up on their own, they are likely not going to show up for a slip-and-fall accident. It's on you to make sure that a police report is made and that the story about what happened is documented soon after the injury occurs. 

Witness Statements 

Did anyone see your injury happen that is a neutral party? Having their statement about what they saw can help a great deal in proving what caused your injury. It may be someone that saw you get into the car accident and can attest to the other driver going through a stop sign, or maybe they saw your slip and fall and can state that you were not distracted at the time. 

Surveillance Videos 

You'll be surprised at how there may be surveillance video of your accident happening. If the accident happened at a store you should put in a request for any security camera footage that caught it on tape. In a car accident? It's possible that a witness had a dashcam and captured it all on camera. Even residential homes may have doorbell cameras that constantly record the video feed and may have captured the entire accident.

To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney in your area.