Why You Should See A Second Orthopedic Specialist

If you are having issues with a bone or joint, you have probably been referred to an orthopedic specialist by your primary care physician. It is important that you keep the appointment to get his or her opinion on the problem and the best course of action to fix it. However, while you are there, ask the doctor for a referral to another doctor for a second opinion. Most doctors will understand and give you one and this could be important to you for a number of reasons, here are a couple.

Peace of Mind

When one doctor examines you and gives a rather harsh diagnosis and treatment plan it can be scary. Sometimes a different doctor will have a different opinion or have had experience with other treatments that may not be as scary. To give you the peace of mind that you are taking the best course of action a second opinion is a good idea.

Insurance Issues

Sometimes your insurance company will disagree with what the diagnosis is or say that they will not pay for the treatment because there are others available. When you have two doctors that are saying the same thing it is harder for them to deny your treatment. If the doctors give you a couple of options, the insurance company will be more willing to pay for one of them, usually the least expensive, than if you only have one expert opinion on the matter.


If the problem is bad enough to warrant you cannot work for a while, or permanently, having two separate orthopedic expert opinions on the matter will help your disability case. In many instances, the Social Security Administration will require you have at least two opinions before they will approve you. Sometimes they will require you visit a doctor that is associated with them for the second opinion. When you are talking with the first doctor about a second referral be sure to ask for one who is affiliated with SSI to save yourself from having to see yet another doctor. If you have to file a legal rebuttal, having a second opinion will be of great help to your lawyer as he or she processes the claim.

New orthopedic treatments are being devised and approved all the time. It is hard for the doctors to keep up with and be able to perform them all. You deserve to have the best and easiest options available to you. The only way to ensure you are getting them is by seeing more than one doctor, like Orthopedic Expert Services, LLC.