4 Ways That Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney Will Investigate Your Case

If you are thinking about hiring a motorcycle accident attorney to help you with your case, you could be wondering about the process. A good motorcycle accident attorney and his or her legal team should perform an investigation to find out a little more about what happened. Of course, different attorneys use different methods, and different motorcycle accident cases have different strategies for doing an investigation. These are some of the ways that your lawyer might investigate your case, though.

1. Looking at the Police Report

First of all, your motorcycle accident attorney will probably want to see a copy of the police report. This will give him or her a lot of information about what happened. The police report will also serve as a great piece of evidence as your attorney moves forward with your case.

2. Asking You Questions

When you go in for your consultation, your motorcycle accident attorney will probably ask you a lot of questions. In fact, if your attorney has further questions after beginning the investigation into your case, he or she might call you and ask more questions or schedule another meeting. Make sure that you answer your attorney's questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Additionally, make sure that he or she has your contact information so that he or she can call you with any additional questions or information about your case.

3. Talking to Witnesses

If there were any witnesses around when you got into your accident and if you have their contact information, you should provide this information to your attorney. Your attorney might call the witnesses and ask them a few questions about what they saw. They might even ask the witnesses to come in and testify if your case ever goes to trial.

4. Looking at Medical Records

Your motorcycle accident attorney will probably ask you for copies of your medical records and any medical notes about your accident-related injuries. This will help your attorney get a better idea of the type of injuries that you might have sustained during the accident. Additionally, having proof of your injuries will help a lot when it's time to fight for a settlement or take your case to trial.

As you can see, there are actually a few steps that the average motorcycle accident attorney will follow when investigating your case. Make sure that you choose an attorney who will work hard to investigate your case if you want the best possible results.